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Corona Virus - Reminder about handwashing and hygiene

Dear Parent/Carers

Please remind children to wash their hands while singing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice as they have been taught in school!!

Please note that the children’s bathrooms are checked regularly for soap throughout the day.  At lunchtime they wash their hands and have hand gel squirted on before they have a packed lunch or hot dinner.  Soap is available, as always in all classrooms.  The children are reminded to wash their hands if they sneeze or cough.  Would you please remind your children to, “flush,” the toilet when they have used them.   We are reiterating this in school as lots of children “forget”.

The bathrooms were deep cleaned recently.  The cleaning ladies work hard everyday to ensure that the school is cleaned to a high standard.  Throughout the school day Mr Terry and Mr Derek as always regularly check the bathroom, picking up toilet paper and cleaning sinks.

As you may be aware we do have vulnerable children and adults in school which is why the routines of hand washing and using anti-bacterial gel have always been an important aspect of the children’s school day.

At the start of the Corona virus outbreak we revisited handwashing hygiene etc with the children and continue to do so.  We do have a daily update from the Government which we follow.  Due to the large number of tissues we get through each week it would be super if you have a spare box to send it into school with your child please.

You may notice an extra addition to your child’s web page.  This is ‘Just in case,’ box/star.  It has suggestions for learning at home to do if your child/family have to self-isolate or the school has to close.  We are also sending three reading books home each week.  If this does happen we will update the area as frequently as possible. 

Please don’t send in your child with anti-bacterial gel or any other hand sanitiser at the moment as we have plenty in school.

Thank you for your support at this uncertain time.

Mrs M Bushell

Head Teacher

A Little Ditty

Wash, wash, wash your hands

Get them very clean,

Do the rub, do the scrub,

Germs are very mean.

Wash, wash, wash your hands,

We should sing this twice,

Do the rub, do the scrub,

Being clean is nice!