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To all Parents from Mrs Bushell


Dear Children, Parents and Carers,

Thank you for all the happy memories, fun times with the children – especially getting messy in the forest and the support from you that I am taking with me as I retire after twenty two years at the school and a career spanning forty seven years in teaching.  It has been a privilege to work at Parklands Infants - the children and staff are super, kind and helpful. Visitors to the school comment positively on ethos of the school how welcoming everyone is and what superb citizens the children are.


We have an excellent leadership team and staff in place who will continue to move the school forward and adapt to the government and local changes which challenge us each year.

We have a strong Leadership Team in place who are more than capable and competent of leading Parklands Infants School through the challenges and changes ahead.

The School’s Leadership Team are:-  

Mrs Lisa Farrow has been appointed as Deputy Head Teacher but will be Acting Head Teacher throughout the consultations with the Local Authority re the future of Parklands Infants School.

Mrs M Bateman, Miss L Mayes and Mrs E Gilley are Assistant Head Teachers.

Mrs F Anderson and Mrs D Spencer are Year Group Leaders.


I am sure that you will give them the support which you have given me over the years.

Please take care and try to have a very Merry Christmas!


Margy Bushell

Head Teacher