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This is a letter received by a member of the public in relation to the trip to Timbuk2 in June last year:



To the Head of Parklands Infants,
I have spent an energetic morning at Timbuk2 in Upminster with my two young boys and parents. Around lunchtime we were joined by a group of children and teachers from Parklands infants. I just wanted to write to say how impressed I was with the children's behaviour. They were polite and considerate to the younger ones, including my 2 year old. They also spoke to their teachers with respect. More than that, though, was the obvious warmth between them and their teachers. As a primary teacher myself (on maternity leave I should add- I wasn't bunking off) this is so lovely to see. My mum, a retired teacher was also so impressed. We were chatting briefly to one of your teachers but I didn't catch her name. She was fantastic with the kids.
My son is exhausted from his antics this morning and I dare say your children will be too...and the teachers who were racing around and racing down the slides deserve a glass of wine or two tonight!
Both your children and staff are a credit to your school.
Yours faithfully
Rachel O'Donnell