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Year 2 return to school details


Dear Parents/Carers,

We are going to open the school to year two children on 29 June 2020.  Each class will be divided into two groups of fifteen.  This is to ensure that we follow government guidelines.  We have this system in place already for the Nursery, Reception and Year One children.  It would be super to see the children before they go on their learning journey into the junior school.  We will be able to give them their books and say,  ’ goodbye,’ as they leave after 3/5 years with us – a sad but exciting time for them.

Wherever possible they will be with their own class adults. 

I am sure that you feel the safest place for your child is at home but the following is what we have in place:-

  • Children who are categorised as clinically extremely vulnerable, or clinically vulnerable, due to
  • pre-existing medical conditions should continue to be supported at home and not return to school, as per current government guidance
  • Children returning to school will placed in class groups of a maximum of fifteen children
  • You will not be fined or penalised if you choose not to send your child back to school
  • If your child has an EHCP, we will make reasonable endeavours to deliver the provision specified in Section F however it is possible that this support may be delivered by a member of support staff with whom your child is not currently familiar
  • All recommended and required health and safety measures have been put into place in advance of your child returning to school, for example regular washing of hands, lunchtimes spent within their class groups, dedicated resources etc.  however we cannot eliminate the possibility that your child  may be exposed to the virus at school
  • If your child is suspected of displaying symptoms of any illness they will need to be collected from school immediately please
  • Although all social distancing recommendations will be implemented, we cannot guarantee that the children will always maintain a social distance, as children naturally gravitate towards each other and staff
  • We ask that only one adult from home accompanies your child to/from school
  • We will be operating a one way system for parents/carers dropping off and collecting children to/from school.  One route will be used for entry and another for exit; this system will also be used by the junior school.
  • Children will be allocated staggered drop off and collection times to avoid adult congregation on the school site which may put themselves and others at risk
  • Parent/carers will not be able to access the playground areas as these will be designated learning areas for the children
  • To keep the children and adults in school safe the school buildings will not be open to any parents/carers or visitors.  Please ensure that all communication with staff is via telephone or email (01708  746806  Members of staff will also be at the inner school gates
  • Government guidance asks that the children’s school clothes are washed daily
  • We ask that you check each day if your child is well enough to attend school please. 

      More specific details regarding your child’s return to school are as follows:-

  • Entry and exit from the school will be sign posted with social distancing markers in place. Please adhere to the distance marking in place. Use the junior side gate to enter the site and the infant one to exit, staying on the footpaths and keeping a social distance.  We appreciate that this may be difficult at times which is why we have staggered start/finish times for both schools
  • Remember only one adult from home to bring/collect your child from home
  • Parents/carers will not be able to access the playgrounds as these are designated learning areas
  • Staff will be on duty as usual at the internal school gates.  They will receive your child (one by one) and direct them to the adults from their class waiting for them nearby. Here they will be shown how to social distance while waiting for all their group to arrive. They will then move into their own classrooms
  • To manage the above the following times for arriving at the school have been put into place
  • Siblings will be able to come in together.  Please be patient as the system will be unfamiliar to all of us!

Nursery am group




Year one


Year two


Nursery pm group



  • The following times are for the end of the school day.  The system will be in reverse.  Your child will be brought to the gate


Nursery am group




Year one


Year two


Nursery pm group



  • Each class has been divided into two groups of up to fifteen children with two members of staff in each group


Group One


Group Two


Key worker and vulnerable children (who may attend school all week)



Cleaning of classrooms and resources



  • At all times the children will stay in these groups
  • As usual please ensure that water bottles, sunhats and lunchboxes are clearly named and brought to school.  It is recommended that they are cleaned daily.  Please note that we are unable to provide plastic cups for drinking from in the classroom
  • Please do not send in book bags due to health and safety factors. However please return your child’s reading and library books in a plastic bag. These will be collected at the gate and cleaned
  • All reading in school will be done using ‘Bug Club,’ which can be done at school and home
  • A packed lunch will be supplied by the kitchen each day for your child or you may prefer them to have a packed lunch from home. The children will picnic outside sitting on their own chair in their class group as long as the weather allows. If wet arrangements to use the hall are in place.  The children will stay in their class group with a named, ’Dinner Lady’ or the duration of the lunch break
  • The children will have a designated outdoor area for outdoor learning. This allows more space for them to work in
  • At times throughout the days the class groups will have access to the hall or outdoor activity areas.  All metal parts on the equipment used will be wiped with disinfectant before being used by another group
  • Washing hands:  Soap and water is recommended in government guidance as being the most effective re cleaning hands.  The children will wash their hands many times during the day for example as they enter the classroom, after using the bathroom, coughing, sneezing, before lunch and before they go home. 
  • Hand sanitiser is available but not moisturiser. Please do this at home
  • Do not send  in your child into school with wipes, hand sanitiser or hand cream as young children love to ;share,’ and the risk to children with allergies or cross contamination is high
  • Bathrooms:  planned toilet breaks with members of staff in place to prevent overcrowding, ensure social distancing and appropriate use of the bathroom that the bathrooms are in place After each group has used the bathroom handles, taps etc will  be wiped with disinfectant
  • Named members of staff will oversee and deal with any accidents to minimise cross infection.  Appropriate PPE will be worn.  Parents will be contacted straight away if necessary.  Accident notes will continue to be sent home.  The forty-eight hour rule still applies if a child vomits or has an upset stomach
  • Can you please ensure that we have up to date contact details including email addresses and phone numbers
  • If your child does not attend school on their given days/sessions please notify the school as early as possible as usual  (01708 746806 First day calling by Mrs Pocock will continue to take place
  • Home learning will continue to be put on the class web pages for all children.  This will reflect the learning in school.


I apologise for the length of this letter but we wanted to give you as much information as possible.  If your child is going to return to school please contact us to find out if they are in Group One or Group Two. We will also answer any concerns or questions.  We are looking forward to seeing you all again – our children have all been missed!  I do hope that everyone is well.


      Take care

M Bushell             Head Teacher